by kaleidofish

Hey, all. Welcome to the blogsite for kaleidofish and her (mostly solo) studio ouroboros[connect]. I’m an up and coming visual novelist with a passion for writing. I grew up writing dramatic horror fiction, but I’m branching out into other genres with my visual novel work. Eventually, I’ll go back to my “horror roots.” Check out the “Projects” page to see what I’ve been working on. For more about me and my studio, see the “About” page.

I thought it would be a good idea to start up one of these sites so people can follow my progress over the years. It’s also a good place to consolidate my work. Right now, I’m working on a goofy genre-hopping story for NaNoReNo (a “competition” thingy where you make a visual novel in a month, like NaNoWriMo for visual novels basically). As soon as that’s finished, I’m going back to working on my historical fiction piece. I’m expecting to release that in late April or early May, so it can stay away from the flood of NaNo releases.

I’ve got an unannounced mystery project I’m working on, too, that should be pretty fun. I can’t say anything about it until I announce it on the forums, though. Oh, did I mention that I wrote a module for the LemmaTV project? Yep. I wrote the super hero cartoon channel, starring the main character from my early 1600s fictional Japanese drama. For more information on those projects, take a look at my “Projects” page.

If you want to link up your VN-related blog with mine, don’t hesitate to contact me. All of those details are on my “About” page. Thank you!