Getting the Show on the Road

by kaleidofish

I still haven’t written for In This Dream of Ours since early March. I’m sorry ITDoO! But, in other news, the mystery project’s mystery sprite artist (to be revealed later) sent me the character sketches yesterday. As expected, they’re AMAZING. Today, she sent me the finished sprite of one of the characters. Again, AMAZING. I would love to throw a preview picture onto this blog, but I can’t reveal anything until In This Dream of Ours is finished.

So many visual novel ideas. Plenty of time. (Do you see what I did there?) I’m hoping to learn how to make and code a GUI myself so I don’t have to rely on others too much for this mystery project. I’ll probably try to get the game its own composer. I’ll have to see, though, because I don’t have all the money in the world for that… I need to start saving up for the project I have planned for after the mystery project. (Although, there’s a chance that mystery project #2 will have to be pushed off until later, depending on some things… We’ll see.)

kaleido, over and out!