This Weekend

by kaleidofish

I’m declaring this weekend “Dream” time. I won’t be able to finish it over the weekend, but I want a good chunk of it finished. This is all because I decided to add so many bonus features, haha. And yesterday, I got an idea for another bonus feature to add into it. I have to stop myself before it grows another 10 to 20k words. I hope people will like it when it’s out, because it’s a project that’s “against the grain” in so many ways.

After “Dream” is done, it’s back to the Mystery Project (which isn’t in the mystery genre at all – it’s just a mystery until I’ve released it). I’m very excited for that one, too. I don’t want to jinx anything yet, but it looks like I may have entered a very interesting partnership with someone for my fourth planned visual novel (which pushes mystery project #2 out of the way for a bit). I don’t know. I like working on multiple projects at once. I’m used to doing that.

I shall call that mysterious fourth one…AXZ. No, it’s not the acronym for it. It has nothing to do with the plot. We don’t have a title for it. The less I say about the project, the better, since we’re still in the planning stages.

So mysterious….