Under Way

by kaleidofish

Project AXZ is shaping up very well. I spent the weekend making plans for that and finishing one of the bonus scenes (Bonus #4) for In This Dream of Ours. That scene needs two art assets, then it’ll be officially done with. I added more to Bonus #5. I’m starting to think that I should trim back B#5, kind of like how I cut B#4 off. I didn’t start B#1 this weekend, only because it’ll kill me when I finally do finish it.

So, yeah, I consider this weekend pretty successful. I’m finally working on the script for Project AXZ. Our current plan with that one is to finish the demo before we start recruiting for extra help. We’re probably going to need a GUI artist. I wish I could have some sort of running chart somewhere where I could put a quick blurb on the status of what I’m working on. I guess I’ll just put it into this post here.

Project AXZ:
Planning phase. Art’s looking great. Currently writing the introduction.

In This Dream of Ours:
B#1 – not started. B#4 – writing’s finished, needs 2 art assets. B#5 – in progress.

Mystery Project:
Untouched this weekend.