by kaleidofish

I hate it when a week goes by without me making a tremendous amount of progress on any of my projects. I had a tremendous amount of work to do for school this week, which meant I couldn’t get in touch with any of the people that I’m working with. I seriously can’t wait until the summer when I have a few months to throw myself into visual novel work and other relaxation stuff.

You know, it’s funny how much fun this is for me. Working on visual novels is my way to relax. It’s hard work, but it’s fun work, because of how much it pays off for me. I can’t explain it. I guess it’s a love of creation. I love the whole process, even the frustrating parts. Anyway…due to this huge amount of work I’ve only had time to work on the B#5 part of In This Dream of Ours. Only a little bit, though…

Speaking of In This Dream of Ours, have you taken the time to look at the Bonus Art page? There are four pieces of art there – two of Kouji, one of Hitomi, and one of Yasahiro. None of Tadashi – for now. Would you like to draw someone from In This Dream of Ours? Fan art is always welcome! It’s a good motivator.

Thanks, talk to you all later.