B#5 Completed!

by kaleidofish

About a week ago, I reached the conclusion that In This Dream of Ours won’t be actively marketed anywhere outside of LSF. The main reason for that being its low production quality. As much of a labor of love ITDoO is, I know that it won’t capture most people’s attention since it’s not fancy enough. I’ve learned a lot since starting it, but I want to release it in its most basic form – the way it is now. I don’t mind.

This isn’t to say that I don’t completely stand by In This Dream of Ours. I said that it’s a labor of a love for a reason.

I can pretty much guarantee that I’m stepping up my production values for my next games. I’ve teamed up with some amazing artists, seriously – I can’t thank them enough. Once ITDoO is released, I’ll be able to announce my Mystery Project, another revival of an idea that I had years ago. This revival, however, is being rewritten from scratch.

I’m no longer part of LemmaTV. I’ve now migrated over to the Theatre of Visions collaborative project. We’re looking for anyone who would be interested in helping out with anything, from writing, art, proofreading, beta testing, composing, etcetera. Anything at all! It’s going to be a fun ride. Contribute however much as you want, no pressure.

Now, for the stats. I was able to finish writing B#5 yesterday. It took me way too long to finish it, because of school, work, and other commitments. I’m going to use this week to write and finish B#1 the best that I can. It’s going to be tough for me to finish it – mentally and emotionally as well as timewise, because once it’s done, ITDoO will be ready for release. Well, after some last minute polishing, that is.

Progress is being made on Projects AXZ and FT. They’ll get their own posts eventually, too. I don’t want to say too much about either one of them yet. Anyway, here’s a small chart. I’m only going to put the ITDoO information down this time. I’m going to start writing B#1 tomorrow, since I’ve got a lot of work to do today.

In This Dream of Ours:
B#1 – still needs to be written; B#4 – writing finished, needs 2 art assets; B#5 – WRITING COMPLETE, needs 1 art asset.