Let’s Give that Mystery a Name

by kaleidofish

It’s been nearly two weeks since I realized In This Dream of Ours. It only received one comment, but I guess that’s alright. When it comes to the download count, it’s more than doubled my last visual novel. That’s an achievement for me, so I’m glad that there are lots of people out there who have at least given it a chance. I’ve decided to just be happy seeing the count rise. Hopefully, the people that have downloaded the game like it.

So, now that ITDoO has been released, I can finally make a soft announcement about the mystery project I’ve been working on. What, you thought I was going to do a major announcement? Sorry, that’s not going to happen for a while, mostly due to me deciding to restructure the whole thing. The original plan had four endings for the visual novel and a much shorter story. Now, I’m expanding the story. I’m making the whole thing bigger and better. I’m even seriously contemplating a BxB route, but in a realistic way rather than relying on cliche yaoi stereotypes.

The visual novel is called Skylines (for now), a title inspired by one of the more philosophical moments in the visual novel. It’s set in an American high school, but doesn’t rely on that setting as a backdrop excuse for pursuing random relationships with the characters. There’s more to this visual novel than that. It’s something that’s very much character and story-driven. It will explore issues that haven’t been touched on in the visual novel scene. Since this is just a soft announcement, there’s not much that I can go into about it. The major announcement will be better…with actual pictures, even!

I’m going to work on getting a fancier website soon, so people will have something easier to link to than kaleidofish.wordpress.com. Thanks for checking in!