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ouroboros[connect] is a small studio formed early 2012 made up of mostly one person, kaleidofish, with occasional help from others dependent on the game. She is an avid writer with big dreams, currently working on a few visual novels of her own. She’d like to personally send many thanks to thestral31 for all of the encouragement (haha, you knew I was going to call you out eventually).

Sometimes, people capitalize the K in kaleidofish. No one’s wrong.

Her favorite genres to write include horror and drama. She loves bully dog breeds because of the way that they smile.

What have other people said about kaleidofish?

“kaleidofish sprouts inspirational words at a whim, easily raising the spirits of her comrades.” – CheeryMoya

“[kaleidofish] make[s] me cheese!” (thestral31, talking about “cheese” as in smile real big. kaleidofish is not in the cheesemaking business, although if she was, she’d have a water buffalo farm and specialize in making mozzarella di bufala aka Buffalo mozzarella, mmm.)

How can I get in touch?

It’s easy! Send her an email at kaleidofish(at)gmail(dot)com or private message her on the forums. Feeling down about yourself and need someone to talk to about anything? Yeah, she’ll talk to you about your Lego collection, no judgments. Don’t hesitate to reach her, even if you are a stranger.

What she order?

Fish filet?