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Historical Fiction Samurai Drama

In This Dream of Ours – In This Dream of Ours is set during a fictionalized version of early 1600s, Japan. It stars Kouji, a commoner forced into becoming a warrior, whose injured body was taken from the aftermath of a decisive battle between East and West, and brought to the nearest village’s clinic. It’s there that he heals under the care of Hitomi, a girl whose father fought alongside Kouji, and her brother, Yasahiro, who trains in order to make his father proud on his return home. The longer Kouji stays with them, the more he realizes that his connection to them is stronger than just a chance meeting… For more information, see its WIP thread here.

It was released on May 7th, 2012! You can download it here!

Goofy NaNoReNo Project

Tell Her a Story! – The goofy NaNoReNo project where kaleidofish is doing everything. Yes. The writing, the drawing, the music/SFX, the coding…it’s all her. Watch Cole struggle to distract his girlfriend Shannon so she won’t leave the restaurant before his friend shows up with the ring he needs to propose to her with. Guaranteed to have artwork and production values that’ll make you crack up. For more information, see its WIP thread here!

It was released on April 1st, 2012! You can download it here!

Who knows what it could be?

Skylines – Still a mystery. A BxBG visual novel set in an American high school, but doesn’t rely on that setting as a backdrop excuse for pursuing random relationships with the characters. According to its soft announcement, “there’s more to this visual novel than [romance]. It’s something that’s very much character and story-driven. It will explore issues that haven’t been touched on in the visual novel scene.”


Project AXZ – We don’t have a name for this one yet. It’s under the partnership category because we’re working side-by-side on it. It’s not just me leading it. I’m working with an amazing artist, that’s all I can honestly say.

Project FT – No name for this one yet either. This is another partnership with another amazing artist. I’m a very lucky person.


This is the area for projects that kaleidofish has had a hand in helping.

Theatre of Visions – A collaborative project involving LSF members and more. kaleidofish is writing a module for it. For more information, see its WIP thread here! There’s always room for more help.

Kitten Crusade – A stat-raising game being made by SusanTheCat. Conquer cat territories! kaleidofish wrote the scenes at Cloud the Blue Cat’s house. Check out its WIP thread here! Or, actually, you can download it here! It’s been out since April 4th, 2012.

Kamome (Seagulls) When They Cry – A Higurashi fangame being made by Lishy. We’re still figuring out what my official title should be. I’m doing advising on the psychological aspects of the game.